Swim lessons and aquatics programs

You don't have to wait until summer to swim. Four of our locations have indoor pools, and each location has its own Aquatics program. Swim lessons  are taught all year long, and swim lesson schedules are available to suit everyone's needs.

    We have swimming lessons and other aquatics programs designed for everyone in the family, no matter their age or athletic ability.

    Looking for answers? Click here to request individualized information from one of our Aquatics experts.

    Locations with pools

    Four of our locations have swimming pools. The Caine Halter Y and GHS Family Y have ourdoor pools in the summer. Those pools remain open in the fall and winter months thanks to "The Bubble."

    There are indoor pools located at the Caine Halter Y, Program Center - GHS, and Eastside Y

    Swim lesson registration

    At this time, registering for lessons is done in person at the location of your choice. Check the chart below for registration dates. Financial aid is available.

    Swim lesson rates*


    Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

    Y Members: $48
    Non-Members: $88


    Y Members: $30


    Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

    Y members: $50
    Non-members: $90


    Y members: $32
    Non-members: $52


    Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

    Y Members: $52
    Non-Members: $92


    Y Members: $33
    Non-Members: $53


    One-day or Two-day per week sessions available

    One-day sessions
    Y Members: $34
    Non-Members: $54

    Two-day sessions
    Y Members: $56
    Non-Members: $96


    Private Lessons:

    Y Members: $27 per lesson
    Non-Members: $37 per lesson

    Semi-Private Lessons

    Y Members: $20 per lesson
    Non-Members: $30 per lesson


    SAIL Prep:

    Two days per week

    Y Members: $56
    Non-Members: $96

    One Day per week

    Y Members: $34
    Non-Members: $54


    Teen Conditioning (Caine Halter)

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 

    Y Members: $162
    Non-Members: 282

    Advanced Competitve Training (Caine Halter)


    1 day/week
    Y Members: $51
    Non-Members: $71

    2 days/week
    Y Members: $60
    Non-Members: $100

     * Rates listed are based on 8-class sessions.

    Swimming Lessons Save Lives

    A recent report from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that children younger than the age of 5 represent more than 75% of all pool and spa submersion deaths and 78 % of pool and spa submersions injuries in the US involving children younger than 15 years of age.   

    Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of 1 and 4 and with minority children at a greater risk. 

    The YMCA has taught more people to swim than any other organization in the world.  Upstate Pool Management and Genco Pools & Spas are partnering with the YMCA of Greenville in 2015 to help spread the word about water safety and swim lessons. 

    The Y has been called "America's Favorite Swim Instructor" for more than 100 years. Last year, the Greenville Y taught about 2,000 people how to swim and be safe in the water. At the Y, not only will you learn to swim, you'll learn about yourself, about safety and rescue skills, and about water activities you can enjoy for a lifetime.  Lots of class times are available to meet your family's busy schedule.  Water safety is our highest priority in all aquatics programs, and classes are taught by trained instructors. Classes are also divided into age and ability groups, so not only are our swimmers learning swimming skills and improving overall health, they're practicing positive social skills.


    Winter/Spring 2015 swim lesson calendar


    Class dates

    Member registration opens

    Non-member registration opens


    Jan. 5-31, 2015

    Dec. 1, 2014

     Dec.15, 2014


    Feb. 2-28

    Jan. 1 

    Jan. 15


    March 2-28

    Feb. 1

    Feb. 15

    Free Water Safety Week

    March 30-April 3

    Feb. 1 

    Feb. 1


    April 6-May 2

    March 1

    March 15

    May 4-30
    April 1
    April 15

    Swim Lesson handbook

    Download a copy of our Swim Lesson Parent handbook here!

    Swim Test

    Safety is the top priority in all Y pools.  We are have a swim test policy to make sure our swimmers are safe swimmers. If you have any questions or concerns about the new policy, don't hesitate to ask your branch's aquatics coordinator or branch executive.

    YMCA Youth Swim Leagues

    Young competitive swimmers can keep their edge between SAIL seasons by  swimming in YMCA Swim Leagues. Swim leagues are offered at the Caine Halter Family YMCA, Eastside Family YMCA, and GHS Family YMCA. Swimmers get expert coaching, make friends, and sharpen their swim times with the help of friendly competition. 


    2015 YMCA Swim League


    Members Registration: Feb 1-27
    Non-member registration: Feb. 15-27

    League sessions available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

    1 day per week

    Y Member: $70
    Non-member: $116

    2 days per week

    Y Member: $124
    Non-member: $204

    3 days per week:

    Y Member: $168
    Non-member: $278

    4 days per week
    Y Member: $210
    Non-member: $348

    SAIL prep

    Get ready to compete in Greenville SAIL leagues with training from experienced swim coaches. SAIL prep sessions follow the same schedule and registration process as swim lessons. 

    Splash Masters

    YMCA Masters Swim program is an adult fitness swimming program, offering anyone 18 years of age or older a fun, safe way to improve physical and mental wellbeing through swimming.

    All practices have an experienced Masters coach on deck who provides expert assistance in training technique, stroke mechanics, and fitness goal-setting. Each workout is an hour long and can accommodate all skill levels from beginners to advanced triathletes. Splash Masters classes are open to all Y members as part of their membership. Interested? Check out the Splash Masters workout schedule.

    Water Fitness

    Feel intimidated by the gym? Need to get out of a workout rut? Try one of the Y's Water Fitness classes. Being immersed in water makes you buoyant, which makes some movements possible that would be too difficult on land. These classes are ideal for all fitness levels and can increase strength and endurance without putting stress on your joints. Not a swimmer? Not a problem. Our instructors teach a variety of Water Fitness classes for all levels. As with any of our aquatics programs, water safety is a priority.

    Classes offered:  Shallow Water, Senior Water Fitness, Stretch and Flex, Move and Flex, Deep Water and Combo. Each Y pool is different, so please checkyour branch’s aquatics schedule for for class details, days, and times.

    Swim indoors year-round

    At the Y, you can swim year-round. Indoor pools are available at The Caine Halter Family Y, The Eastside Family Y, and Adams Mill Program Center. And our outdoor pools at the Caine Halter Y and GHS Y are enclosed so you never have to stop swimming laps!  

    Lifeguard Training

    The American Red Cross has been training lifeguards since 1914, and the Y has been training lifeguards for more than 90 years. Now the Red Cross and the YMCA of Greenville are teaming up for an intense training course for tomorrow's lifesavers. The course is perfect for teens looking toward getting a summer job or anyone 15 years old and older who would like to learn valuable lifesaving skills. Classes begin in February. Sign-up brochures are available at the Caine Halter Y, Eastside Y, GHS Family Y, and Adams Mill Program Center.  

    To become a certified lifeguard, a candidate must attend every class of their session.  

    Lifeguard certification session dates

    Lifeguard Certification Classes at the Caine Halter Y

    Lifeguard Certification Classes at the Eastside Y

    Lifeguard Certification Classes at the GHS Y

    We suggest that re-certification participants review the Lifeguarding manual prior to taking their tests.

    Lifeguard candidates should bring their swimsuit to all sessions, including the hour-long pre-course preview.