What is Beast Mode®?

Beast Mode is the YMCA of Greenville's high-intensity training class. Beast Mode is programmed to bring you an intense strength and endurance training class. Beast Mode is more than a class. It's an experience! Beast Mode is included as a part of your YMCA of Greenville membership. Want more information? Contact us with your questions about Y membership!

Is it for me?

Beast Mode can be experienced by anyone of any fitness level, as the movements and exercises are scalable. But Beast Mode isn't your average YMCA group exercise class!

Who teaches Beast Mode®?

Each location has a stable of coaches. 

What are some examples of the exercises performed in Beast Mode?

  • Olympic lifting
  • Box jumps
  • Burpees
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Tire flips
  • Sprints
  • Thrusters
  • Jump squats

Beast Mode® Locations

  • Caine Halter Family Y
  • Eastside Family Y
  • George I. Theisen Family Y
  • Prisma Health Family Y

Beast Mode® Class Types

  • The original Beast Mode class could include strength training, olympic weightlifting, gymnastics training, or mobility followed by metabolic conditioning in the workout of the day.
  • Beast Mode Olympic Lifiting is a class devoted to honing skills in the snatch and clean and jerk through drills, and Olympic weightlifting workouts.
  • Beast Mode Fundamentals is a class open to all athletes, but it is designed with the beginner in mind. Fundamentals classes spend more time on instruction, but you're guaranteed a great workout.
  • Beast Mode On Ramp class teaches the skills you need to be successful in a standard Beast Mode class. Fulfilling the On Ramp cycle is required before joining the Beast Mode classes at the Prisma Health Family YMCA location.

Beast Mode® Class Times

Beast Mode classes for each branch are listed here. They're also listed on the YMCA of Greenville app.

Have a question about Beast Mode®? Contact us!