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High School Model Legislature & Court Conference

Learn the process by joining the process

Middle School Model Legislature & Court Conference

Learn the process by joining the process

The Youth in Government program helps to create the next generation of good citizens. Through our programs, we demystify local, state and national governmental systems so tomorrow's adults will know how to effect change within these systems. We expand horizons so young people will understand their role within a global society.

The program uses the service-learning model in the firm belief that leadership is developed by doing. High school students help provide leadership for our middle school programs, while college students -- alumni of the Youth in Government program -- provide leadership for our high school programming. All programs are guided and directed by committed adult volunteers and YMCA professional staff.

If you are interested in starting a Youth in Government Program at your school, e-mail our Director of Recruitment Jessica Sharp at

The dates for the 2019 Model Legislature programs have been announced! The High School Model Legislature & Court will be held November 20-23 and the Middle School Model Legislature will be held November 17-19.

Take a look at the various committee and chamber dockets for the 2018 High School Model Legislature & Court conference, as well as the legislation that is being presented:

View the 2018 Committee and Chamber Dockets here

2018 Senate bills

2018 House of Representatives bills

2018 Premier Senate bills

2018 Premier House of Representatives bills

Take a look at the legislation that is being presented at the 2018 Middle School Model Legislature conference:

2018 Middle School Senate bills

2018 Middle School House of Representatives bills