Welcome High School Model Legislature & Court Conference Advisors!

Below are the documents for the 2015 High School Model Legislature & Court Advisor Packet, as well as other important documents. If you have any questions about these forms or what information needs to be provided please contact either our program coordinator Ian Rutledge at irutledge@ymcagreenville.org or our executive director Mary Capers Bledsoe at mcbledsoe@ymcagreenville.org.

The following document contains a checklist of which dates documents and fees are due: 2015 Fall YIG Checklist.

Please check out this student delegate handbook for more information about conference basics, roles, dress code, and logistics.

Advisor Packet

Student Registration Form

Club Registration Form

Scholarship application

Media Delegate Application

Lobbyist Declaration Form

Candidate Forms

YIG Fees Breakdown

Conference Fees Worksheet

Hotel and meals fee worksheet

Sample Bill

Premiere Delegate Requirements

Bill Book Documents

Bill Book Front Pages

Candidate Pages


Trial Schedule

House Seating Chart

Senate Seating Chart

Senate Bills

House of Representive Bills

Premier Senate Bills

Premier House of Representative Bills

Important Documents

Mock Trial Training Video

Mock Trial Rules of Evidence

Appeals Rules