There have never been more ways to get active and stay in shape. It seems like there is a workout programs and boutique gyms for all kinds of tastes. Living a healthy lifestyle has never been easier, yet with so many choices, it can be expensive to get everything you want from a healthy lifestyle!

That’s where the Y steps in. At the YMCA of Greenville, we have exercise classes, small groups, and programs for all manner of healthy lifestyles, plus personal training, weight loss coaching, and friendly encouragement every time you walk through the door. Busy parents love the Y because of the Childwatch program which provides childcare while you work. Childwatch is included in your family membership! Plus, Y parents also get great discounts and priority registration on programs for children like youth sports, swim lessons, after school care, summer day camp and sessions of overnight camp at Y Camp Greenville.

Take a look at what the Y has to offer. We’re sure you’ll find a fitness program that’s just right for your lifestyle. Have questions? Let us know, and a membership specialist will contact you. Or call 864-412-0288.


If you’re looking for high-intensity strength and conditioning:

  • Beast Mode: The YMCA of Greenville Beast Mode program is led by CrossFit certified coaches. Every day is a new workout that focuses on gaining strength, metabolic conditioning, and increasing agility and power. This class is very social and open to all levels. All workouts are scalable to meet your fitness level.
  • Kettlebells: Kettlebell exercises are simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Kettlebell classes at the Y mix strength training and conditioning in a nice, sturdy package. These classes are great for busy professionals who need a quick workout that gets results.
  • Boot Camp & TRX Boot Camp: Boot Camp classes at the Y help get you motivated and push you beyond the limits you set for yourself. Using a combination of intervals, running, bodyweight exercises and resistance training, Bootcamp at the Y is sure to get you in shape. TRX Bootcamp classes add TRX exercise elements to challenge your strength, balance, and coordination.


If you’re looking for cycling or spin classes

  • Cycle classes: The Y’s spin classes are led by certified trainers who have what it takes to lead you through a tough cycling workout. These classes are great for cyclists, triathletes, and weekend warriors. Express classes are quick and to the point and great for beginners or busy professionals who need to get their heart rate up before heading back to the office. Resistance can be scaled, so all levels are welcome!
  • Hydrocycle: Hydro cycle is a spin class in the pool. This class is perfect for people who need to limit joint stress, such as seniors or people who are severely overweight looking to become active.


If you’re looking for something different

  • Obstacle Course Race Training: If you’ve ever done a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, you know how much fun they are. You also know how grueling they can be! The Y has started a new class using the Publix Outdoor Fitness Elements designed to get people in shape for obstacle course races. Classes feature running, wall climbing, rope climbing, burden walks and odd-object carries, sled pushes and more!


If you need childcare while you workout

  • The Y has on-site childcare for families, so you can work out, and you know that your kids will be having fun being engaged with games, arts and crafts and playing with peers. Childwatch is included with a Y family membership type.


If you have questions about how your family can get the most out of a Y membership, don’t hesitate to call us at 864-412-0288.