The continued human rights issues of violence and racial injustice against African Americans have created heartbreak and anger. The tragic events that have horrified our country recently and ongoing practices that have caused so much hurt within our nation must stop. The YMCA of Greenville stands in solidarity with everyone seeking greater understanding, support, solutions and peace during this time. The YMCA opposes injustice and inequity in any form and recognizes the inordinate impact it has on African Americans and all people of color. Our Christian mission drives us to help all people become the best they can be through building spirit, mind and body. We accomplish this by including and serving everyone. We champion people to embrace character-building values such as faith, caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. We stand arm in arm to help achieve a community where everyone is valued, respected and treated with dignity – a place where there is no room for discrimination or racism. We firmly believe we are better together, and we invite you to join with us to bring about healing and initiate lasting change.