At the Y, our mission is to improve the health and wellness of our members in spirit, mind, and body. Our wellness team is always looking for ways to help Y members get the most out of their membership. Getting exercise in our wellness facilities and group exercise classes is a great way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. And for members who are hyper-focused on their fitness, we're excited to offer a host of small-group training classes. These premium classes feature the best in instruction across a range of exercise domains. From high intensity to yoga, strength training to Olympic weightlifting, there are small group trainings for all. 


Caine Halter Small Groups

Couch To 5K 

Tap here to register for the Caine Halter Couch to 5K programThis small group training program is designed for both beginner and intermediate runners who are looking to build up their running abilities. Along with group running sessions the classes will also focus on hydration, apparel, diet/fueling, creating a proper training schedule and other topics designed to help you in the next race! This is a 12-week program that meets twice per week for approximately 1 hour.

Group Burn

TTap here to register for Group Burn sessions!his small group class is designed to help you tone up on the fly. 30 minute sessions allow participants to get in and get out but make sure you are arriving on time and ready to burn. Each new monthly session will start and end by taking some basic measurements, body fat and weight. Workouts are targeted to work mainly in the aerobic fat burning zone with some training in the anaerobic zone to increase calorie expenditure in the workout.

Group Training

Tap here to buy a small group personal training packageThe Caine Halter small group trainingprogram offers a new and exciting way to customize your workout in a small group setting. Wellness Specialists dedicated to helping you reach your goals will lead you through a monthlong adventure toward a healthier lifestyle. Each session, you will meet with a certified personal trainer in a small group setting to train. 

Learn to Lift

Tap here to register for Learn to LiftThe Learn to Lift small group training is a 60-minute class that focuses on instructing and improving technical execution and efficiency of the squat, deadlift, and bench press. Athletes will go through a dynamic warm up and mobility sequence at the start of class to prep them for the movements and programming. The programming is designed to improve explosiveness, power, and overall lifting ability. 

Olympic Weightlifting

Tap here to register for Olympic WeightliftingThis hourlong class focuses on instructing and improving technical execution and efficiency of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and related lifts. Athletes will go through a dynamic warmup and mobility sequenceat the start of class to prep them for the movements and programming designed to improve explosiveness, power, and overall lifting abilities. 

Tac Fit

Tap here to register for Tac FitA small-group training class based on the training requirements used for military, police, and firefighters. This class focuses on building functional endurance through running, rucking, body weight and gymnastic movements and strength training. 


Eastside Small Groups

Beast Mode Elements

Tap here to register for Beast Mode ElementsElements Course introduces the framework for the foundational movements of Beast Mode through five 60-minute sessions. Receive education on movements, technique, class format, philosophy, and nutrition behind the program. Feel confident attending your first group Beast Mode class!


Prisma Health Small Groups

Monthly Yoga Workshops 

Each month, focus on a new element of your yoga practice. From yoga for taking care of aching feet to yoga breathing techniques to using yoga to help de-stress, you'll find programs to help you stretch, breathe and improve your yoga. Monthly workshops update constantly, so find the latest ones in this blog post.

8 Week Transformation Journey

Tap here to register for the 8-week transformation programThe Prisma Health Family Y's transformation program is designed to provide you with an efficient 8-week strategy to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. It's not a short cut. It's a tool for you to be self-sustainable in your health goals and see results.  This small group program provides nutrition coaching, group workouts, a workout plan to work on individually, and accountability built in. Learn more detailed information about the 8 Week Transformation program.

George I. Theisen Small Groups

Small groups coming soon! 

Verdae Small Groups

Small groups coming soon!