YMCA rates and categories

Thinking about joining the Y? There is no better time than now! Join in September and "Pay the Day" as your joining fee. So if you join on Sept. 1, your joining fee is $1. Join on Sept. 2, it's $2. So join early in the month and get a head start on a healthy lifestyle and save!

The YMCA of Greenville is available to everyone. We have a number of membership options to accommodate all needs - rates depend on the type of membership (single, household, etc.) and branch.

Drop by a YMCA of Greenville branch today and JOIN! If you still need more information - call (864) 412-0288 or contact us at info@ymcagreenville.org

Individual Branch Rates
A Branch membership is most common and includes use only of the branch where the membership is purchased. While facilities and programs may vary, each branch offers a wide selection of programs and opportunities to meet almost anyone's interest. For more information on what each branch has to offer, visit our locations page.

Joining Fee


Household* $69 $81
Adult with Dependent  $69 $67
Adult $59 $61
Senior (65+) $49 $51
Young Adult (19-26) $29 $31
Teen (13-18) $29 $25

Eastside Family Y

Joining Fee


Household* $69 $75
Adult with Dependent $69 $62
Adult $59 $53
Senior (65+) $49 $45
Young Adult (19-26) $29 $31
Teen (13-18) $29 $25

GHS Family Y

Joining Fee


Household* $69 $81
Adult with Dependent $69 $66
Adult $59 $61
Senior (65+) $49 $49
Young adult (19-26) $29 $31
Teen (13-18) $29 $25

George I. Theisen
Family Y

Joining Fee Monthly
Household* $69 $64
Adult with Dependent $69 $54
Adult $59 $46
Senior (65+) $49 $40
Young Adult (19-26) $29 $28

Teen (13-18)




Verdae Y

Joining fee

Household* $69 $52
Adult with Dependent $69 $47
Adult $59 $33
Senior (65+) $49 $29
Young Adult (19-26) $29 $26
Teen (13-18) $29 $25
* Household memberships include two adults living in the same household, and their dependents (26 and younger). Additional adults over age 26 can be added to the membership for an extra $15 per month/per adult.
PATH Membership

The YMCA of Greenville and the Greenville Health System (GHS) have teamed up to make health and wellness services more accessible and convenient thanks to the PATH (Partners Achieving Total Health) membership option.
The PATH membership includes access to all YMCA of Greenville family branches and the GHS Life Center Health & Conditioning Club for one low fee.
PATH membership also includes discounted rates for Y programs like youth sports and Camp Greenville and nutritional consultations, massage therapy and other services offered at the Life Center.


Joining Fee


Membership Dues

Membership dues at the Y help us maintain the facilities, hire the best quality staff, and provide programming such as child care, group exercise classes, and so much more. 

Your membership dues may be paid in two ways:

  • Monthly Automatic Bank Draft: you make an initial down payment (joining fee + first month's dues). You then authorize the YMCA and your bank to automatically debit your account.
  • Annual Payment: Cash, check or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) are accepted.

Rates vary slightly by branch. Find your branch's rates above.

Should you ever need to cancel your membership, please visit your branch to complete some necessary paperwork. The paperwork authorizes us to alter our draft agreement. This will ensure that your bank is properly notified to discontinue the drafting of your account. Unfortunately, we cannot do this through an email.

Member Code of Conduct

The Y expects members and guests to behave in a manner consistent with a family atmosphere. Inappropriate behavior, such as the use of foul language, fighting and dangerous play are unacceptable and may result in the termination of membership.

This code of conduct applies to everyone who uses the YMCA of Greenville. 

Have questions?  Please call (864) 412-0288