Welcome to the YMCA of Greenville Karate Program!

All Karate registrations are accepted online on the Kazoku Karate Website

Have questions? Call 864-551-8519 or email Kazoku Karate to initiate this process.

Karate Curriculum

The students will learn traditional karate practices, leadership skills, flexibility, mental and self control. After the 12 week course students will have skills to advance to a higher level. Instruction includes proper execution of punches, kicks, blocks and stances. The program is designed to teach children basic self-defense and karate, but most importantly self confidence and self discipline. Each class will introduce new skills while building on what they have learned



Karate program consists of a 12-week fall session and 12-week spring session. Summer camps are also available at several YMCA locations as well as Southeast Karate LLC.  

2019 Fall Session

Begins: Sept. 3



Schedule and Description

YMCA Program Center 

  • Mondays 4:30 pm (5- 10- year old beginners)

Caine Halter YMCA - Downtown Greenville

  • Tuesdays 4:30 pm (5- 10- year old beginners)

George I. Theisen YMCA - Travelers Rest

  • Wednesdays 4:30 pm (5- 10- year old beginners)

Eastside YMCA 

  • Fridays 4:00 pm (5- 10- year old beginners)

Prisma Health Family YMCA 

  • Saturdays 11:30 am  (5- 10- year old beginners)


  • $150 (YMCA Members)
  • $170 (Non-YMCA Members)

This covers the cost of a full three months of karate (12 classes on location and the option for an additional 12 classes at Southeast Karate). This amount is due upon registration, your place in class is not held unless payment is processed.  If this is your first karate class at the YMCA, an additional $30 karate uniform is required with registration.  Family discounts are not available.

Other Fees

Karate Uniform

All students are required to wear a white karate uniform or Gi.  Hair must be secured back away from the face.  No jewelry is allowed in class; this is for safety because karate is a contact sport.  Although we take karate class barefoot, students must wear shoes to and from class.

For the first class, students should plan to wear comfortable gym clothes (unless they already own a uniform). We will fit students and distribute uniforms purchased within the first two weeks of classes. Uniforms should be washed and dried to shrink. DO NOT wash the belt.  If the pants and sleeves are still long, fold the material under and hem.  Sleeves should stop at the wrist, pants should stop at the ankle.  DO NOT cut excess material, it can be let out as the student grows.