The Prisma Health Family Y Dance Academy gives children ages 3-12 an active, fun, and inspirational hobby. Dance Acadmey classes are held at both the Prisma Health Family YMCA, and the Y Program Center, making it a convenient after school add on. 


Session Dates: Sept. 16-Nov. 22  *All Classes at the Prisma Health Family.

MONDAY Start date 9/16
3:15-3:50 Ballet (age 4) Taught by: Angela Currell
3:55-4:40 Ballet & Boogie (ages 5 & 6) Taught by: Angela Currell
4:45-5:30 Ballet & Boogie ( ages 7 12) Taught by: Angela Currell
4:40-5:30 Hip Hop (ages 7 12) Taught by: Amber Taylor

TUESDAY Start date 9/17
10:45-11:20 Jump & Tumble*Beginner Gymnastics (ages 2 1/2 -4) Taught by Angela Currell
11:30-12:05 Rhythm & Motion (age 3&young 4) Taught by: Angela Currell
4-4:45 Musical Theater Dance (ages 5 7) Taught by: Regan Bruckner
4:50-5:35 Musical Theater Dance (ages 8 12) Taught by: Regan Bruckner

WEDNESDAY Start date 9/18
4:15-5:00 Hip Hop Cheer (ages 6 7) Taught by: Nicole Johnson & Tamara Tarrant
5:00-5:45 Hip Hop Cheer (ages 8 12) Taught by: Nicole Johnson & Tamara Tarrant

THURSDAY Start date 9/19
4:30-5:05 Rhythm & Motion ( age 3&young 4 Taught by: Angela Currell
5:10-5:55 Ballet & Boogie (ages 5 7 Taught by: Angela Currell

SATURDAY Start date 9/21
10:05-11:00 Musical Theater Dance “Hamilton” (ages12 15) Taught by: Regan Bruckner

Class Fees

Rhythm & Motion, Jump & Tumble, and 4 year Ballet
$75 member, $115 community (*35 min. classes)

$110 member, $155 community  (*45 min. classes)

*Register at the Prisma Health Family Y Welcome Center

RECITAL: Friday, November 22 7:00pm PHY Gymnasium
• If a teacher is unable to teach, class will be made up with either a rescheduled class or the addition of time to the ongoing class. This is a 10 week session with a recital at the end. *Monday Hip Hop class has an extra 5 minutes built in due to a YTB determined day out that will be needed.
•Registration includes a ‘YMCA DANCE’ T Shirt
• There are no hidden fees. Children wear their Y Dance T shirt for the recital. Teachers may ask for uniformity with their classes in the form of dark leggings, white turtlenecks, bows, gloves or something of the like. We want this to be as affordable as possible! *We do require proper shoes for each class.
Please see information sheet for specific questions regarding individual class type, what to wear & times/length

Contact Lori Dredge 864-963-3605 ext. 12, or email for more information.