R.E.C.E.S.S.    YMCA Fun for Everyone!

The YMCA of Greenville R.E.C.E.S.S. (Recreation, Exercise, Community, Education, Social Service) program recognizes that for many adults, the end of high school means the end of the social, educational and recreational opportunities provided in that environment.  The need for a place for adults with disabilities to find acceptance, belonging, and opportunities for a better lifestyle was recognized, and the RECESS program was started.

The RECESS Program is offered to special needs adults ages 21+ (or a high school graduate) and up.  
Participants take part in programming that includes:
Nutrition: activities include making healthy recipes, learning how to read nutritional labels, shopping at grocery stores and knowledge of making healthy choices.
Fitness:  participants take part in group exercise classes, swimming, lifting weights and other fitness activities.
Social Responsibility and Community Outreach:  Visiting nursing homes, working in food pantries, recycling, working with pre-school children are all activities participants take part.
Independent Living: Participants practice proper manners and hygiene habits, complete chores and socialize and have fun!

Sharon DeFalice’s daughter, Amanda, was one of the pilot program’s participants. DeFalice said the program has given her daughter confidence to do daily tasks most adults do without any trouble. “Her adult body with a toddler mind offers her many frustrations, but with the program, she gained willingness and confidence,” DeFalice said.

Six - week sessions are offered at Caine Halter Family YMCA, Eastside Family YMCA, and GHS Family YMCA throughout the year.  
For more information or to apply contact:  info@ymcagreenville.org or call (864) 412-0288