Clayton Kale

Thu, 03/28/2019 - 07:00

Summer is quickly approaching! Are you ready for a week at the beach? What about your kids being out of school for 10 weeks? Don’t panic! The Y is here to help you keep your kids safe around the pool, provide fun summer activities all summer long. Here are six things you can do at the Y to prepare for summer.

1. Get Water Smart – Before summer gets here, it’s a great idea to introduce or re-introduce everyone in the family to water safety.

There are two opportunities at the Y to help you with that. First is Water Safety Week. This partnership with Upstate Pool Management and Clarity Pool Management provides free water safety classes during spring break. Registration is open now for these April 15-22 classes.

The second opportunity is swim lessons. The Y has been teaching kids how to swim for 110 years, and we've got it down to a science! Registration is open now for the next session. Find your level here.  

2. Secure childcare for summer – If you’re a working parent, you know the importance of having childcare available during the summer months. You want your kids to have fun, but you also want them in a safe environment. The Y has you covered with day camp. Browse the brochure online here to find out more.

3. Make summer memorable – Day Camp is awesome, and our day campers love it. But if you really want to take summer up a notch, you can add a week or more of overnight camp at Y Camp Greenville. Cory Harrison’s team has taken the Camp Greenville experience from great to magical. Find out more at

4. Get a head start on next school year – You know those parents that just always seem to have it together? They are never frazzled and don’t have pretzel crumbs rolling around in the back seat of their car? Yeah. We’ve actually never met them either. But you can take a giant step in that direction by getting ahead of the game and signing up for Afterschool for the 2019-20 school year. You can do that at any YMCA of Greenville member services desk. You can find out more about afterschool here.

5. Enjoy sports as a family – There are a lot of youth sports opportunities over the next few months. In May there is flag football, volleyball, and T-Ball. Registration for those sports is open now through March 31. In July, there’s summer basketball. Registration opens May 1 for hoops. Sports at the Y are great because it gives kids the opportunity to play and interact with other kids, but it also gives families time to participate in activities together. If you want to 2X that activity, we’re always looking for volunteer coaches. Let us know if you’re interested in being a coach.

6. Save money doing all of it – When you’re a Y member, you get discounted rates and priority registration on Y programs. So you can save money doing all of the above by being a Y member. Find out more about Y membership.