Clayton Kale

Wed, 03/27/2019 - 07:02

At last, summer time is right around the corner! While you may be pulling your hair out trying to get through the last of the school year, I have good news for you -- drum roll please -- SUMMER CAMP IS ALMOST HERE! If you're not already enrolled in Summer Day Camp at the Y, nows the time to do it! 

Here are 7 reasons that YMCA Summer Camp is the place your camper needs to be this summer:

1. Tired kids are happy kids. Your kiddos will be so tired at the end of each day that they will go to bed without complaining. Our full day camps run from 7:30am-6pm, and we have fun activities running ALL. DAY. LONG. Our schedule every day includes hours of solid physical activity, so running around at camp will keep their bodies healthy and energized all summer!

2. Childhood camp friends are friendships that last for LIFE. Whether they become best buds because they both were awarded camper of the week, or their soccer team scored a magnificent goal in the last few seconds of the game, camp has a way of bonding kids together. Camp helps kids become social ninjas – they’ll break out of their comfort zones, meet kids with different backgrounds, learn how to navigate conflict, and make their best friends.

3. Imagine your kid jumping into that minivan at the end of the day telling you they shot a bull's eye in archery that day. Your decision to sign them up for Y camp made that dream come true for them – you couldn’t find a cooler parent! Your camper will achieve skill milestones – passing that swim test, making it to the top of the climbing wall, and realizing talents that they didn’t know they had!

 4. Ever feel like you’re battling against forces in our culture to ensure that your kids learn responsibility, respect, honesty, compassion ... I could go on. Let us join you in that mission - our goal at camp is to create an atmosphere where counselors are role models to all eyes who are watching. We weave lessons of respect, responsibility, honesty, caring, and faith into our daily activities. It takes a village, and we can be your village!


5. Which would you rather for your kids this summer – sitting on the couch frying their brains with the TV? Or – stepping into camp where they will experience adventure, valuable life experiences, and tons of fun? Camp stretches kids’ comfort zones – it allows them to try something they’re nervous about – and we can CELEBRATE their success after they conquer that challenge!

6. We all know that sometimes summer can be a big setback to the learning process that kids experience during the school year. Here at camp, we weave activities into our daily programming to combat summer learning loss and continue brain development with STEM activities. Trust me – their teachers will thank you when August rolls back around!

7. To top off our list, camp is a place where kids can feel that they belong. Our camp atmosphere models a family – and we take that seriously. Our campers become a part of the Y family the moment they step into camp, and our counselors are fantastic at creating that space where they know they belong. The Y is family. We’d love for you to come be a part of it this summer!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Summer Day Camp brochures for each of our participating locations on our Summer Day Camp page, and come into the Y to register!