Timothy Rymer

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 08:10


1. Those lifeguards by the Y pool? Certified life-savers. All lifeguards have to be certified before being turned loose to monitor the pool. Our lifeguards are all Red Cross certified, which is great because it’s the gold standard for lifeguard certification and recognized just about everywhere. Included in the certification is First Aid training as well as the CPR for Professional Rescuers training.

Click here to get started as a lifeguard at the Y! 2. Lifeguards continue their education. To be sure our lifeguards are up on their training, the Y holds in-service trainings throughout the year and requires re-certification every two years. 

3. It’s about more than just safety in the water. Lifeguards tend to have an awareness of safety everywhere they go. Plus you never know where first aid or CPR skills will be needed!

4. Lifeguard certification graduates often land jobs at the Y. The Y trains lifeguards. The Y employs lifeguards. If you’re looking for a job as a lifeguard, you might just find one where you get your certification!  

5. Lifeguards are in demand year-round. You’d think lifeguards are in demand only in the summer when people are enjoying swimming pools recreationally. But the YMCA of Greenville has three indoor pools and two outdoor pools that are open year-round (thanks to The Bubble), and we have lifeguards on duty any time our pools are open.

6. Lifeguarding can be done by almost any age. Lifeguarding is a great job for any working-age teen or adult. We hire lifeguards as young as 15 (assuming they pass the certifications and have a mature work ethic), and we have lifeguards who are taking on a second “career” in retirement.

7.  Lifeguarding is a great job for aspiring first responders.  Individuals who have a dream of being a professional lifesaver like a firefighter or paramedic can get a jump start on that career path with a Lifeguarding job. You’ll know what it takes to save a life with CPR, plus you’ll have the training and experience to keep a cool head in a potentially stressful situation.