Clayton Kale

Fri, 04/07/2017 - 16:16

The YMCA mission rests on three pillars that make our community stronger: Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. Here’s what's happening at your YMCA:

Youth Development:  

  • The YMCA of Greenville has introduced a new way to learn and swim. The new style runs one day per week for seven weeks, utilizing an innovative curriculum including:
  • Jump, push, turn, grab. In this skill sequence, a child jumps into the water, pushes off the bottom, turns around to face the wall, grabs the wall, and safely exits the pool. The sequence simulates the experience children have if they are submerged in water unexpectedly. After learning the sequence, children have the skills to get back to the side of the pool or to safety.
  • Swim, float, swim. In this skill sequence, children swim a short distance on their front, turn to their back to float, then turn to their front to continue swimming, if they are able. Children may choose to stay in a back float. Rolling onto their back periodically allows them to rest and breathe. The sequence helps children stay afloat until someone arrives to help them or they are able to get to safety using the combined skills.

To date, the YMCA of Greenville has served approximately 400 kids in our first session of the new swimming lesson program!

Healthy Living: 

  • Publix Super Market Charities has funded the development of the Outdoor Fitness Elements for the Eastside Family Y as well as the George I. Theisen Family Y. These will be completed by May 2017 and will provide exceptional outdoor wellness opportunities for members in these branches. Many thanks to Publix for their collaboration on this wellness initiative!

Social Responsibility: 

  • The YMCA of Greenville has launched Living Our Cause to foster a cause-centered staff leadership culture that takes individual and collective action to strengthen our community. To date, more than 120 YMCA of Greenville staff have engaged in the Living Our Cause Training, professionally led by Stephanie Knobel and Julie Hollister of the YMCA of Greenville.
  • The SC YMCA Alliance, a collaborative of all 21 YMCAs in SC, is only one of three in the nation to take on the TOGETHERHOOD Initiative statewide. Our own Julie Hollister has been a key leader in this work throughout the state. Separate from the Statewide Alliance work, the YMCA of Greenville’s Teen Services branch led the first ever statewide TOGETHERHOOD Project.  High school students and volunteers from across the state donated requested household items (i.e. trash cans, household cleaners, paper products, etc.) for three weeks and then helped pack transitional housing kits which will be given to families when they are placed into transitional apartments or homes as part of the Family Promise Network program. Statewide our students packed more than 80 kits and donated over 1,500 items to help homeless families.

Lastly, a few highlights on our Y family:

  • YMCA Camp Greenville’s Cory Harrison was recently featured in Y-USA’s Emerging Leaders Resource Network with his “Functional Expertise Sharpens the Y Movement” article. Click here for a great read.
  • John Schlansker recently attained his Trainer for Fiscal Management Certification and Julie Hollister recently attained her Trainer for Volunteerism – they are now available to lead trainings for in-house as our Y staff work towards Team Leader Certifications.
  • Cam McDowell has been invited to serve on the AARN or African American Resource Network at YUSA. The goal of AARN is to provide a resource of African American YMCA employees in multiple roles, someone to connect with socially, career networking, and support.

In spirit, mind and body,

John 17:21


Are you participating in one of the Y’s wellness initiatives? If not, please try a class, sign up for Wellness Works, or learn more about ActivTrax. Be your best!