Clayton Kale

Fri, 01/25/2019 - 07:00

It's mid-January, so the flame you had at the beginning of the month may have dimmed a little. It may be helpful for you to know what kind of motivation you respond to best. Remember, you planned to make a healthy lifestyle change and set SMART Goals, so now's the time for the real work: Sticking to your plan. 

It might be helpful for you to know what type of motivation you respond to best. 

Intrensic motivation is internal motivation.

  • You will do something out of interest or enjoyment
  • You value exercise as important to your lifestyle
  • You think challenges are fun

Extrinsic motivation is external motivation.

  • You are motivated by a reward.
  • You love competition.
  • You respond to the threat of punishment.

At this point in your new lifestyle of wellness, it's important to remember why you started. Those "whys" can help you find a motivation to continue the progress.

And as always, when you're a Y member, your journey is never a solo adventure. You can connect with other members in group exercise classes or with a Y Wellness Coach in the free Wellness Works program. Our coaches can help you if you find your motivation is flagging.