Clayton Kale

Thu, 06/29/2017 - 15:09

Do you remember the moment you learned to ride a bike? There is a feeling of independence and accomplishment when you finally get that bike to ride on two wheels.

The Eastside Family YMCA is teaming up with iCanShine to bring iCanBike to Taylors, and they could use your help.

iCanBike is a proven program that uses adapted bicycles to teach children and teens with diverse abilities to ride a bicycle independently over the course of a week.

We are still looking for volunteers for this year’s session. Volunteers commit to an hour and a half per day for five days and work with the same cyclist throughout the camp. The transformation you’ll see is amazing.  And not only will you have helped a young person gain the confidence of riding a bike, you may find yourself encouraged to take on a challenge of your own. 


July 31-Aug. 4
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Send your completed registration form to Shelley.