Clayton Kale

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 00:00

This is a great time of year to join the Y. 

School is back, and our after school program is the place to be after the bell rings. And you can save thousands of dollars in child care just by being a Y member.

The weather will be getting cooler and the days shorter, so exercising in our group exercise classes or doing your own thing in our wellness facilities is a great way to stay active in the fall. 

When you join in September, you'll save on our joining fees with the "Pay the Day" promotion. For example, if you join today, Sept. 1, your joining fee is a dollar. Put it off till tomorrow, and the joining fee is $2, and so on. So don't wait!

Want more information about membership? We'd be happy to answer any questions. Let us know how to reach you, or call us at 864-412-0288.