Clayton Kale

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 07:00

So, the holidays are right around the corner and that means lots of tempting sweets. So how can you still enjoy the holidays but not overindulge? There are lots of simple ways to help you enjoy the holidays and not get off track on your healthy eating. 

  1. Allow yourself to have a little sweet treat every now and then. If your coworker brings those sweet, tasty little holiday tins full of cookies, one or two will not throw you off track. Indulging your sweet tooth and not overdoing it should not make you feel guilty. Instead, have 1 or 2 little cookies or a small portion of dessert, and don’t stress yourself out about it. I follow an 80-20 rule; 80% of the time, I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains and the other 20% I leave room for indulging.
  2. If you are going to a Christmas party and you know there will be cocktails, sip water in between drinks and limit your alcohol to 2 drinks for men, 1 for women. Also, eat something before the party so that you are not drinking on an empty stomach. That will also help you prevent snacking too much.
  3. Bring your own desserts to work or something sweet such as fruit with a bit of light whipped cream on top for a healthier, sweet alternative. Bring desserts that are made with black beans, avocados, or banana instead of butter. Black bean and avocados make great alternatives in brownies that no one will suspect and taste just as great as brownies made with butter.
  4. Meal prepping is a great alternative to cooking every night. Make food beforehand and prepare snacks to bring to work with you so that you have everything ready for the week. Bringing your own treats to work and planning meals ahead will not only take the guesswork out of what to eat everyday, it saves money in the long run because you are not eating out.

These are some small, simple ways to help you avoid holiday weight gain while also letting you indulge and celebrate with family, friends, and coworkers. ​

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