Clayton Kale

Thu, 11/14/2019 - 13:42

At the Y, the safety and security of our members, guests, and program participants are paramount. That's why we periodically like to remind our members to keep their valuables at home or secure and with them at all times. According to the FBI, 24 percent of all thefts are thefts from automobiles.  Thieves often target the cars in the parking lots at gyms because they know that people often leave wallets, purses, computers, tablets or other items in their cars while they workout. Putting your wallet under your seat might not be enough. A thief casing a parking lot could look for people stashing items out of view. 

We encourage members to be vigilant in the parking lot. Should you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to let staff know and we will call law enforcement as necessary. 

We hate to hear about any incident in which a car gets broken into, and our staff will be happy to wait with you until police arrive. The best defense against an auto break-in is to eliminate your car as a target. Consider how much of a target your car is. 

Here are some tips on keeping your car from being a target.

1. Lock the doors. Up to a quarter of auto break-ins are on automobiles that are unlocked. 

2. Tidy up. Having nothing in your car makes it a target-poor environment. 

3. Conceal valuables. Hide your electronics and briefcase, purse or other bags. But...

4. ...Conceal before you park. When possible, stash your electronics before you get to the gym.