Clayton Kale

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 09:07

At the Y, when we talk about weight loss, we’re talking about weight loss from a health and wellness perspective. We’re not in the business of body shaming or making anyone feel bad about the way they look. Instead, our approach to weight loss is as a personal and public health concern.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for someone who is overweight or obese, losing 5 to 10 percent of their body weight will have a beneficial effect on their overall health. That means better blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and a reduced risk for diabetes. That’s whole-body health, and that is what the Y is all about!

Click here to learn more about membership at the YMCA of GreenvilleAccording to the Bon Secours Community Health Needs Assessment by the Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, more than a quarter of adults (28.5%) in Greenville County are obese. Almost a quarter (23.4 %) lead a sedentary lifestyle.

If you — or someone you care about — fits into those categories, the Y has a program specifically designed to get you moving toward a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a crash diet or extreme weight loss plan. (In fact, according to the CDC, people who achieve a weight loss goal of 1 to 2 pounds per week tend to keep the weight off longer). It’s simply becoming involved at the Y.

Wellness Works Program

First, all Y members have access to the Wellness Works program. This program pairs members with a caring, professional wellness coach. He or she will meet with you, learn your goals and assess your current abilities and help you build a routine. They’ll even show you your way around the fitness center to make sure you’re comfortable with the equipment. After six weeks, you’ll meet again, adjust your goals, and continue your new healthy lifestyle with the confidence of knowing it’s something you can do. This process continues for as long as you want.

Find out more or request more information about Wellness Works.

Group Exercise Programs

On top of Wellness Works, the Y has hundreds of group exercise classes to choose from. Attending one of these classes is a great way to get started on a healthy lifestyle. Classes are led by certified teachers who will help you. Group Exercise classes are designed to be scalable to your needs and intensity. And Group Exercise classes are a lot of fun. Plus the people you’ll meet will help you become healthier by being accountability partners and your cheerleaders. From yoga and pilates, to Cardio Dance Blast and Zumba, to Kettlebells and Beast Mode, there is a group exercise class perfect for you!

Join Now and Get Started Today

The best way to get started is to get started. Right now is a great time to join the YMCA of Greenville. During January, there is no joining fee. Join by visiting any YMCA of Greenville location. Or you can request more information to learn more about how the Y can help you achieve your goals.

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