Clayton Kale

Fri, 10/04/2019 - 09:00

The Prisma Health Family Y is excited to present monthly yoga workshops to help you improve your practice; try something new; be healthier in spirit, mind, and body; and to relieve stress! 

Classes meet from 9:15-11:15 in Room 3. Please arrive by 9:10! Preregistration is required. Register at the Welcome Center or online! Each 2-hour seminar is $20. 

October 19 - Foot Yoga

Your feet carry you around all day long. While they do this, maybe you place them in shoes that are too tight or ill-fitting. Tap to register for the Foot Yoga SeminarMaybe you place fashion over form and forget to stretch your feet after wearing those high heels. If you ignore your feet for as long as possible until the pain is too much to handle, then is it surprising that your feet hurt? Weak, inflexible, and tired feet cause pain. You can change that! Join us to learn how a little mindfulness, a few stretches, and some simple self-care can help you have happier, healthier feet. Instructors: Becky & Sue

November 16 - Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Techniques)

Tap Here to Register for the Yoga Breathing Technique SeminarLosing your temper in traffic? Need to focus in a boring meeting? Feel yourself getting overwhelmed just looking at your family calendar? There's a breathing technique that can help! Breath is the key to mindfulness and an important (yet often overlooked) part of yoga. Join us as we explore various types of breath work to move your yoga practice to the next level on and off the mat. Instructors: Erin & Toya

December 7 - Yoga For Stress Relief

StreTap here to register for the Yoga For Stress Relief Seminarss is an unavoidable part of life and how we manage it is critical for a healthy life. Yoga provides an opportunity for us to listen to our bodies and respond to stress in a constructive way. In this workshop you will learn ways to decrease your stress, find joy in your daily life and feel better in this overloaded time of year. Instructors: Becky & Erin