Clayton Kale

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 07:00

Holidays can be very difficult for someone with autism because the routine is different and involves sensory overload. 

When Teddy Brandon was 4, he was introduced to the Autism Spectrum Family Camp at YMCA Camp Greenville. Since then, the Brandons have attended many Autism Spectrum Family Camp weekends. "Every time we returned to Camp Greenville, we saw our children grow in tremendous ways -- improved abilities, trying new things, appreciating the other families we have come to know and love."

Two summers ago, Teddy attended summer camp for the first time. His family practiced with him for four months, teaching him how to do simple things like washing his own hair or picking out weather-appropriate clothes. he was scared. "But the Camp Greenville staff knew Teddy ... how to respond if something happened ... how to keep him safe."

Teddy has learned independence and social interaction skills at YMCA Camp Greenville. One day, he will be able to attend college on his own and will be able to handle unexpected situations that life brings. 

YMCA Camp Greenville prides itself on being inclusive. You can support families who benefit from these inclusive programs at YMCA Camp Greenville by supporting the YMCA Of Greenville Annual Campaign