Welcome to the YMCA of Greenville Karate Program!

All Karate registrations are accepted online on the Carolina Karate website

If you prefer to send paper forms, please print this flyer and bring to Carolina Karate or mail to Carolina Karate at 2015 Laurens Road, Greenville, SC 29607. 

Karate Curriculum

Students will learn karate, self-defense (Stranger Danger), skill development, leadership, flexibility, our anti-bullying program, mental and self-control.  The main focus of this program is character development through the martial arts. Each class will introduce new skills and ideas while building what they have already learned.  Class meets one day per week for twelve weeks.  At the end of the three month course, students will have the skills required to advance to a new level. This includes the proper execution of self-defense releases, punches, kicks, blocks, and stances. 

Karate is both a physically and mentally challenging activity. Every student is active for the entire class and encouraged to strive for individual success while building character and self-discipline. The karate program is a lifelong fitness activity centered on responsibility, integrity, and prudence.

As students learn and progress, we welcome them to enroll every spring and fall in the program.  Students are also encouraged to present report cards and share any discipline issues in the student's life.


Karate program consists of a 12-week fall session and 12-week spring session. 

Summer camps are also available at several YMCA locations and summer classes are available at Carolina Karate for the same price.

2017 Fall Session 
Begins: September 5
Enrollment: Aug 1st-Sept 1
Thanksgiving Week No Classes
Session ends after each location has had 12 classes
Belt Exams: Saturday, December 9 & 16, 2017

2018 Spring Session 
Begins: February 3
Enrollment: December 15-January 30
Spring Break No Classes
Session ends after each location has had 12 classes
Belt Exams: Saturday, May 12 & 19, 2017

There is no karate class anytime school is canceled for inclement weather or holidays.  In the case of snow days and holidays, the session is extended so each location will have 12 classes. Students and families can expect frequent emails from Carolina Karate once they register online.


Class sizes are limited at every location!  Please register early if you plan to participate. Online registration is the best way to be sure we receive your information before the class fills up.  Once a class is full, you will see that it is no longer available to register online.  We will accept registrations after the deadline if space is still available, but no registrations can be accepted after the 2nd class. Pro-rating is not available.

Most locations offer three different group levels:

  • Beginner 5-7 year olds - Students must be 5 years old before their first class.  No experience necessary.  
  • Beginner 8-13 year olds – Students must be at least 8 years old by their first class to enroll in this class.  No experience necessary.   
  • Intermediate 5-13 year olds – This class is for students who have taken karate and have earned a solid orange belt or above.
  • Sara Collins Elementary School class size is limited to 15 students.  This class is for Kindergarted-5th grade.

Schedule and Description

YMCA Program Center -- GHS 

  • Mondays 4:30 pm 5-7 year old beginners
  • Mondays 5:30 pm 8-13 year old beginners
  • Mondays 6:30pm 5-13 year old intermediate

Caine Halter YMCA

  •  Tuesdays 4:30pm 5-7 year old beginners
  •  Tuesdays 5:30pm 8-13 year old beginners

George I. Theisen YMCA 

  •  Wednesdays 4:30pm 5-7 year old beginners
  •  Wednesdays 5:30pm 8-13 year old beginners

Eastside YMCA

  •  Fridays 4pm 5-7 year old beginners
  •  Fridays 5pm 8-13 year old beginners
  •  Fridays 6pm 5-13 year old intermediate

GHS FAMILY YMCA - Simpsonville

  •  Saturdays 11:30am 5-7 year old beginners
  •  Saturdays 12:30pm 8-13 year old beginners



Tuition for each session is $170 for non-members, $150 for YMCA members. 

This covers the cost of a full three months of karate (12 classes). This amount is due upon registration, your place in class is not held unless payment is processed.  If this is your first karate class with Carolina Karate at the YMCA an additional $30 karate uniform is required with registration.  Family discounts are not available. 

Other Fees

There is a belt exam fee at the end of each session.  Cost is $10, due when you arrive for belt exam.  Exams are held at Carolina Karate 104B Mauldin Road, Greenville 29605.   Exams are an opportunity for parents to see what children have learned and celebrate their accomplishment. 

Karate Uniform

All students are required to wear a white karate uniform.  A new uniform is for the initial session, but can be worn for subsequent sessions.  Girls should wear a white t-shirt under the uniform.  Hair must be secured back away from the face.  No jewelry allowed in class.  Although we take karate class bare foot, students must wear shoes to and from class

For the first class, students should plan to wear comfortable gym clothes (unless they already own a uniform). We will fit students and distribute uniforms in the first two weeks of classes. Uniforms should be washed and dried to shrink (they look large). DO NOT wash the belt.  If the pants and sleeves are still long, fold the material under and hem.  Sleeves should stop at wrist, pants should stop at ankle.  DO NOT cut excess material, it can be let out as the student grows. 

Karate staff

Please see the Carolina Karate webpage for complete listing of staff. All of our staff have CPR Certification, background checks, and TB testing since they also teach karate at Greenville County Schools.  Instructors focus on discipline and physical skill development in each class using fun activities and games

Contact us
If you have questions about the Karate program or registering your child, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Carolina Karate
Email:  info@carolinakarate.net
Website: http://carolinakarate.net/
Phone: 864-277-2008