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Everybody is different. Every body is different. But, we know that physical exercise is important for human health. In adults, physical activity does everything from improving lowering risk of chronic diseases to improving mental health (CDC). But we also know that most Americans aren’t getting the recommended amount of physical activity to earn these health benefits.

That's where Flex Fit comes in. 

What Is Flex Fit?

Flex Fit is the YMCA of Greenville’s signature health and wellness program designed by a team of highly certified fitness experts to be flexible enough to work for everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned athletes.

It’s not a one-program fits all approach, either. So whether you’re brand new to exercise and made a promise to yourself or a loved one to get healthier or an athlete with a goal you want to reach, the Flex Fit program can help you.

Flex Fit is a health and wellness program developed by the YMCA of Greenville’s Wellness team. These highly credentialed experts have backgrounds in strength and conditioning, endurance sports, sport-specific training, body building, healthy weight loss, chronic disease management, as well as working with special populations such as people living with Parkinson’s Disease and other conditions.

They put their minds and expertise together to build a program that meets people where they are on their health journey and leads them forward with attainable goals, reasonable programming, and encouragement. But Flex Fit is more than a exercise program. It is a healthy lifestyle activator.

Everything about Flex Fit is designed with our members in mind. We know that for many of our members, weight loss is a top priority. But we also know that many of our members are looking to get stronger or put on muscle mass.

The Y is full of runners, swimmers, triathletes, and people who compete in fitness competitions like The Beast Mode Games.

And we have members who have diverse abilities or are living with conditions like Parkinson’s Disease but who still want to remain active. When we were designing the program, we knew it needed to be flexible to meet the needs of all of those constituencies.

The intensity of Flex Fit programs can be scaled to any ability to ensure a good, safe workout for all. And because the workouts can be done either in a group setting with a Flex Fit Flight at your YMCA of Greenville branch or by yourself when you visit the Y, you can do the Flex Fit program any time you visit the Y.

Flex Fit Tracks

Flex Fit levels define how much intensity you should be aiming at during your workouts. Flex Fit Tracks define the path you’re going to take to get to your goal. Each track can be performed at any level. Each Track follows a common health goal.

So first you’ll choose your level, then you’ll choose your track, and then you execute and work to meet your goal. If you need help choosing the right level or track, just check in with a YMCA of Greenville Wellness Coach.

Flex Fit Shred – Flex Fit Shred is a high intensity interval training program designed to help you burn calories and engage every muscle group in your body in every workout. 

Flex Fit Powerbuliding – Powerbuilding is a hybrid strength and hypertrophy (muscle-building) program. But it’s flexible, too. Want to pack on muscle, lower the weight slightly and increase the reps to the 8-12 range. Want to get stronger? Lift heavy for 5-7 reps. It’s a four day split with each workout targeting a different muscle group: Chest, back, shoulders, and legs. 

Flex Fit Endurance – Flex Fit Endurance is designed to build your cardio engine. This program will train your body to run faster, longer through coach-designed running workouts. Workouts include sprints and longer runs.

General Wellness – Some of our members just want to move. They’re not following a program to meet a specific goal, they just want to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. These members can come to the Y  and perform the Workout of the Day. It’s is spicy enough to be used as a daily workout for members who aren’t following a particular track. But it can also work hand-in-glove with the Flex Fit Tracks to add metabolic conditioning or increase the volume of your workout.

Flex Fit Workouts

Flex Fit workouts within each track are delivered to your phone through the Flex Fit App. For example, if you're doing the Endurance Track, you would come to the Y, log into the Flex Fit App, Choose the Endurance Track in the app and log your workout for the day. As you log your workouts, you'll be rewarded with achievements along the way! 

The Workout of the Day is posted to the Flex Fit App

Download the Flex Fit app here:

Download our app on your Apple device Download our app on your Google Device

How long are workouts?

Flex Fit Tracks are the unique workout programs within Flex Fit. Each track has its own goal. Many members know exactly which track they want to take when they begin Flex Fit. But it’s OK if you’re unsure. Talk with any Wellness Coach about your goals and he or she will be able to guide you to the right track. And once you’ve done one track, you can try another! Or you can begin another 12 week cycle adding intensity or volume. That’s the flexible nature of Flex Fit. 

Most of the workouts take 30 minutes or less, so following the prescribed Track workout of your choice and then the WOD will get you about an hour of physical activity. And all you have to do is show up and check the program.

Have questions about Flex Fit?

Email your local Y's Wellness Director:

Caine Halter Family Y -- Charlotte Levering

Prisma Health Family Y -- Samantha Sanders

Eastside Family Y -- Rebecca Hamrick 

George I. Theisen Family Y -- Brande Yarborough

Verdae Y -- David White