SAIL swimming is a huge part of the Greenville community. As a SAIL parent or potential SAIL parent, you play a huge role in the success of the swimming program. From bringing your athlete to practices and meets to providing snacks afterward, you are a huge part in the success of your child's swimming.

Let the YMCA of Greenville play a part in your swimmer improving their times and stroke technique!

YMCA of Greenville Swim League
Your swimmer will get valuable league experience ahead of the SAIL season. The YMCA of Greenville's Swim League gets new and experienced swimmers ages 7-17 ready for competition through coaching and conditioning leading to: 

  • Improved swim strokes
  • Improved technique
  • Improved endurance through coached workouts

Swim League Bronze (Beginner) - This practice group is for the novice to intermediate swimmer (ages 7-14). This swimmer has basic swimming skills and can swim the length of the pool freestyle and backstroke with a beginning knowledge of breaststroke. They will work on building their athleticism, core strength, breath control, reading a pace clock, and swim practice etiquette. This group will be able to participate in all YMCA Swim Meets, however, only children wishing to compete should sign up for the meets (at this stage it is all about individual times instead of who comes in first, second and third).

Swim League Silver (Intermediate) - This practice group is for the intermediate to advanced swimmer (ages 7-14). This group can swim with strong technique freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and have a basic butterfly. They will focus on endurance and perfecting stroke technique and will take steps toward mastering racing starts and flip turns. This practice is designed to teach swimmers how to compete at a swim meet, so swimmers are strongly encouraged to participate in YMCA Swim Meets for the purpose of bettering their personal times.

Swim League Gold (Advanced)* - These practice groups are for the extremely advanced and experienced youth looking for the coaching and assistance to give them a competitive edge over the competition. Theses swimmers will get stroke technique critiques from coaches as well as workouts that will help them accomplish their swimming goals. These swimmers will work on improving endurance and bettering sprint times. *Swimmer must have swum in Championships to register for this group or be assessed by the Coach.