Welcome, coaches! Thank you for donating your time to help our young athletes learn the importance of playing hard, teamwork, and fair play. Your influence on these young players cannot be measured. 

Coaches' orientation video

Please take the time to watch this video. It outlines the expecatations and responsibilities of a Y coach and explains some of our coaching philosophies. 

If games are cancelled because of inclement weather, someone will be at the YMCA front desk at least 60 minutes before the first scheduled game with the necessary information.

A decision will be made an hour before your scheduled game. Each YMCA of Greenville branch will be notified at that time with their cancellation news.  Each coach scheduled to play at that time will be contacted via phone with the update. The coach is to then contact their players.


Please communicate to your players' parents that if they are in doubt about whether your game is cancelled, please contact you first, then the YMCA front desk if needed. Because it is raining at your location does not necessarily mean it is raining at the YMCA, so please call.

In the case of bad weather breaking out within 60 minutes of your game or during a game, the Sports Director reserves the right to cancel games.

If this happens, the games will be rescheduled on another date by the Sports Director, unless the first half is already completed.  If the first half is completed, the game will stand as final.

Cancelled games will be rescheduled during a practice day, if possible.

Season timeline

2017 schedules

Coaching Manuals & Official Rules

Need to refresh your memory on policies and ideas for practice? Refer to your coaches' manual. 

The Role of a Coach

Official Rules

Click your sport to find the official rules. 


Background check

The safety of all of our players is important. That's why all of our coaches undergo a background check. The background check form is done through your Playerspace account. 


Snack Chart

We encourage parents to bring healthy post-game snacks. And we ask that you communicate to parents the importance of keeping our fields clean from snack wrappers.

Here are some healthy snack ideas from LiveWell Greenville.

Keep track of who is bringing the snack with this snack chart.