Y Teen Achievers, a signature YMCA of the USA program, is the YMCA of Greenville's high school graduation and mentoring program. Utilizing volunteers, we give students the skills and knowledge they need to graduate, and create a post-high school plan that they can be proud of. 

Our Teen Achievers program is offered at Southside High and JL Mann Academy. We partner with teachers and school staff to implement our program - the school identifies students that are not on track to graduate high school, living in poverty, or need additional support. Volunteers work with this small group of students to offer encouragement, and help them succeed academically.

Get Involved

To ensure our students' success, we need help from the community. Be part of this special program by volunteering your time to work with our students! Volunteers receive training prior to beginning, and have ongoing support from staff while they volunteer. 

Our program is offered free of charge to schools and students - organizations like Michelin and the United Way of Greenville partner with us to help make Teen Achievers accessible. Funding is also provided through the YMCA of Greenville's Annual Campaign. If you are interested in supporting us financially, you can donate here

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For more information or questions, contact Mary Capers Bledsoe


National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month is celebrated in January! Spearheaded by Mentor, it gives mentoring programs an opportunity to focus on our work. This month, we will be utilizing social media to share information about our volunteers and program! 

Learn More About Our Mentors

Throughout the month, we will feature stories from some of our volunteer mentors. They share why they volunteer with the Teen Achievers program and how mentors have made a positive impact on their lives.

Timicia Grant: I mentor with the Y Teen Achievers program because it is important to me that students have a safe space to learn with adults who aren't just an authority figure over them. It is also important to me that children of minority groups see a representation of what can be achieved by people who look like them. The bridge between the world waiting for students after high school and the decisions they make now can be made easier with guidance from someone who is dedicated to their success. 

I have had multiple mentors over my career. My most recent and heavily influential mentor wasn't simply giving advice she advocated for me in spaces where I was unfamiliar or unknown. She challenges me and pushes me forward. There's a phenomenal transformation that happens when you have someone willing not only to teach and encourage you but also put you in spaces where you can grow. Mentors are such an important part of a person's journey and mine have added much value to my life.