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Choose your Intensity! Emerge: Intervals of 20 seconds of work / 1 minute of rest for 16 minutes Elevate: Intervals of 30 seconds of work / 90 seconds of rest for 16-20 minutes Excel: Intervals of 30 seconds of work...


Choose your intensity! Emerge: Substitute Push Ups or Wall Push Ups for the Push Up With Shoulder Taps Elevate: Perform workout as prescribed. Excel: Perform workout as prescribed. Substitute barbell or dumbbell walking lunges . This workout is an "EMOM"...


Whether you want functional strength, a stronger squat, or to add some definition to your derriere you need to add glute bridges to your routine. Glute bridges can be done with a barbell or dumbbells or kettlebells. You'll find the...


Choose your intensity! Emerge: 4 rounds Elevate: 5 rounds Excel: 6 rounds This is an interval workout. You will do the prescribed movements below for 20 seconds of work and then rest for 40 seconds. Move to the next exercise...