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Your Support is Crucial Now More than Ever

Because our Y is one of the strongest community service organizations in the area, government officials, Greenville County Schools, other non-profits, and healthcare organizations called on us to be a partner in the response to COVID-19. We were ready to respond in our branches and outside our walls!

As a donor, you are critical to the Y’s ability to continue community work every day to serve children, families, and individuals and to cover general operating expenses.

We pivoted in these challenging times, providing emergency child care for healthcare workers and law enforcement. We are distributing food to at least 100 families a week, considered among the most vulnerable in our area. We set up blood donation centers at our branches.

At the same time, we are offering programming for adults with Parkinson’s disease, important social interaction through the RECESS program for young adults with diverse abilities, life-saving swim lessons for all ages, afterschool care for children, summer day and overnight camp, and a variety of sports year-round.

For nearly 144 years, the Y has been a cornerstone of Greenville, and we continue to step up where we are needed the most.

Please give to the Y and keep our good work going. We deeply appreciate any help you are able to offer!




Now More than Ever

Maya and her mom lived in a local motel, receiving YMCA of Greenville food boxes for several weeks. On this day, we also handed out books and toys for the children. Fortunately, their family was able to move out and find a more permanent place to live. However, there are many others who remain at motels and are considered homeless. The Y is committed to delivering food and providing other support to these families with children who range from babies to teens.

Will you help us? Your commitment to the Y and our important work is needed NOW MORE THAN EVER.


A World of Difference

Ashlyn Ours didn’t know what she was going to do. A single mom with three children, she was faced with uncertainty as the COVID pandemic hit. She wondered how she would balance the need to work, with finding quality childcare for her children. For Ashlyn, and so many other essential workers, the answer came with emergency childcare through the YMCA of Greenville.

The Y organized care for dozens of children last March, providing a safe and nurturing place for kids, including Ashlyn’s son, Kai. In addition, with the support of funds raised through our Annual Campaign, the Y offered financial assistance to families who needed it. Kai spent his days at our Caine Halter Family YMCA, making friends, running and playing, while his mom was at work. These days, he is in the Afterschool program at our Eastside Family YMCA.

“I think it’s easy to feel alone, especially as a single parent. Knowing I have the Y and that there are all of these people supporting my child is very important to me and, I think, creates that sense of hope and belonging to that people are looking for.”

This year, as you consider giving to the YMCA of Greenville Annual Campaign, please remember families like Kai’s who rely on our childcare program and are thriving as a result.

“Knowing he is at a place that he loves and begs to go to, makes a world of difference.”


Gavin and Mehkai

Going for a Different Goal

Maya and her momTalk about big hearts! Gavin and Mehkai are 3rd grade soccer players at the Prisma Health Family YMCA. These friends, who've played on a team called the Cyclones for several seasons together, decided to make a difference off the field.

They held a bake sale to raise money for the YMCA of Greenville Annual Campaign. Their goal? To support kids whose families struggle to afford soccer and other Y programs, including Afterschool care.

These MVPs baked-up goodies including Gavin's homemade Nutella Special Pastry. They care deeply about philanthropy and the YMCA of Greenville mission... and it shows! 

The boys raised $169 and have donated the money to the Y to support financial assistance for families and kids. Gavin and Mehkai, you are an inspiration to all of us! Please join Gavin and Mehkai in giving to the YMCA of Greenville, through our 2021 Annual Campaign!