There are many ways to volunteer at the YMCA of Greenville. Speak with your local branch director and discover how your time and talents can be put to the service of others. Whether you prefer to work with children or the elderly or in-between, there is a place for you at the Y.

Here are a just a few to give you an idea of the ways you can help us help the Greenville community.

Y Camp Greenville

Spend a weekend at Y Camp Greenville working on trail maintenance, landscaping or garden improvements, or try an indoor office project. While you’re there, enjoy free room and board in a beautiful mountain setting, with evening camp fires and Pretty Place Chapel.

Y Family Branch Volunteer

Set aside time to volunteer in one of our Family Branches as a:

  • coach in youth sports
  • tutor in the afterschool program
  • story-time reader in the nursery
  • greeter at the front desk
  • chaperone at teen events

Tutor at the Y Judson Community Center

Get to know the neighborhood in the Judson Community Center by tutoring the afterschool students from Hollis Academy. Work one-on-one with a student each week and help that student complete homework and improve grades.

Share your talents

Lead a specialty workshop as part of the summer day camp program in the family branches or outreach centers. The Y is looking for folks with special talents to share with youth. Examples include: art, drama, music, photography, computer skills, foreign language, folk art, cooking, and environmental education.

Serve on a Board

Become a Y branch volunteer as a member of the Advisory Board. These boards include experts in such fields as banking, law, construction, education, health, and community development.