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For more than a century, the YMCA of Greenville has strengthened the foundations of the community we serve. We're proud of our diverse population, and are passionate about keeping our promise to be a force for good. 

We serve people from all walks of life in the Greenville County area through YMCA memberships and programs.

The YMCA of Greenville is a 501(c)3 nonprofit governed by a local board of volunteer directors.  


We're committed to nurturing the potential of children through Youth Development, improving the nation's health and well-being by promoting Healthy Living, and fostering a sense of Social Responsibility by providing opportunities to give back and support our neighbors. 


The YMCA of Greenville, following the example of Christ, builds healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. 

Our Mission compels us to embrace, reflect and celebrate the richness of diversity within each other and the many communities we serve. Through the example of Christ, we welcome individuals and families from all walks of life with a caring, inclusive attitude. We are respectful of various expressions of faith, and serve people from all traditions, backgrounds, ages, and perspectives. Together, we work to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential, with dignity.

Read our statement on Diversity & Inclusion, and Global Innovation.

Learn about how the YMCA works to prevent child abuse. You can also submit an anonymous incident report/concern here.


YMCA National Impact
  • In the U.S., the Y is comprised of YMCA of the USA, a national resource office, and 2,700 YMCAs with approximately 20,000 fulltime staff and 600,000 volunteers in 10,000 communities across the country.
  • The Y engages 9 million youth and 13 million adults each year in the U.S.
  • Worldwide, the Y serves more than 45 million people in 119 countries. Ys across the U.S. play an integral role in strengthening the leadership and youth programs of the Y around the world.
  • Members, staff and volunteers of the Y include men, women and children of all ages and from all walks of life.
  • The Y offers programs, services and initiatives focused on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, according to the unique needs of the communities it engages.
  • The Y is accessible to all people. Financial assistance is offered to individuals and families who cannot afford membership.

Get more information here. 

YMCA Global Movement

Founded in London in 1844, the Y has grown into one of the largest organizations focused on strengthening communities in the U.S. and around the world, serving more than 64 million people in 120 countries. Across the globe, Ys respond to community needs with programs and services that support people to reach their full potential. Our global perspective enables us to engage with and serve diverse communities around the world more effectively.

Read more about the YMCA's global Impact here. 

2022 YMCA of Greenville Volunteer Leadership 
2022 Metro Board Members
Patrick Bishop
Mario Brown 
Rance Bryan
Jane Harrison Fisher
Marty Flynn
Sally Foister
Barb Fountain
Brian Hamby
Brad Hughes
Brad Lucas
John Mansure
Beth Motley
Marvin Quattlebaum
Lelia Reynolds
Ravi Sastry
Janell Stickland
Melanie Sudduth
Sandy Thompson
Erik Whaley
Laura Williams
Sandi Wilson
Jimmy Wright
Stuart Wyeth 

2022 Executive Committee
Chairperson - Marvin Quattlebaum
Chair-Elect - Brad Hughes
Treasurer - Erik Whaley
Secretary - Barb Fountain
Annual Campaign - Laura Williams 
At-Large - Brian Hamby
2022 Branch Board Chairs
Caine Halter Family Y - Don Jackson
Eastside Family Y - Brandon Calhoun
George I. Theisen Family Y - David Parham
Prisma Health Family Y - John Lewis
Verdae Y - Lizzy Holt
Y Camp Greenville - J.J. Van Ginhoven
Y Judson Community Center - Sarah Beth Downing
Y Teen Services - Adam Brannon