Many YMCA of Greenville locations have pools. The Caine Halter Family Y, and Greenville Health System Family Y have outdoor pools in the summer. In the fall and winter months, these pools remain open thanks to "The Bubble." 

There are indoor pools located at the Caine Halter Family Y, Y Program Center - GHS, and the Eastside Y. 

Our swimming pools are busy places and we have swim lessons for children and adults. Find out more about what we offer!

Our pools are mixed use. That means you're welcome to use them for recreation when programs are not using them. Every day, our pools host lap swimmers, swim lessons, swim league practices, aqua aerobics classes, and families enjoying free swim time together. We want everyone to enjoy our facilities safely. That's why we require a swim test for children younger than 14.

YMCA Swim Test Policy

Children 0-4 years of age: Children this age must have a parent or responsible adult within arms reach at all times.

Children 5-12 years of age: Children this age must pass the swim test and have a parent in the water with them or on the pool deck.

Children 13-14 years of age: Children this age must pass the swim test or wear an approved life jacket.

The Swim Test

  1. Jump into the pool, submerge fully, return to the surface and begin swimming.
  2. Swim 25 yards without stopping or touching the bottom of the pool in a horizontal position using a forward crawl stroke. The swimmer's arms must achieve full extension in every stroke and he or she must maintain the stroke for the full 25 yards.
  3. Tread water for 30 seconds
  4. Exit the pool without assistance, using the wall.

Swimmers are retested at the beginning of each summer, and may, at a lifeguard's discretion, be asked to repeat the swim test.

Swim Lessons

The Y provides swim lessons for all ages year-round. Find out more and register