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$3.15 Million Raised to Date

Campaign Thermometer 3.15
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"The Y is an amazing melting pot – a place that nurtures the spirits, minds, and bodies of a diverse community."

– Caine Halter, 2006

On October 16, 2023, the Caine Halter Family YMCA launched the public phase of Building a Brighter Tomorrow, a capital campaign that reflects the best of our past and ignites the best for our future.

The campaign will engage members of our community in an effort to:

  • Dissolve waitlists for children ages 3-11 who want to develop athletic and life skills through our youth sports programs
  • Provide adaptive sports spaces and leagues for children and adults with diverse abilities
  • Continue our efforts to prevent accidental childhood drownings
  • Add outdoor spaces to better serve children and families in our afterschool program, summer camps and RECESS program
  • Increase partnership opportunities with local, like-minded non-profits serving our Greenville neighbors

This campaign will result in a stronger YMCA that has the resources necessary to carry out its time-honored mission to provide a place for ALL people, regardless of their ability to pay, to build healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Join us as we invest together to Build a Brighter Tomorrow for our Y, our neighbors, our Greenville.
Rendering of retractable enclosure system over the outdoor pool.

The DynaDome

Install a state-of-the-art retractable enclosure system over the outdoor pool.

Pickleball Court Rendering

Multi-Use Courts

Repurpose the existing tennis courts to provide handicap accessible multi-use spaces to play tennis, pickleball, basketball, volleyball, and small-sided soccer.


Remodeled Fields

Increase field space, add turf fields and lights, and resurface existing track.

Pavilion remodel

Outdoor Pavilion

Add outdoor restroom facilities and program space in a 5,000 sq ft pavilion.

Gym rendering

Gymnasium Refresh

Give our multi-use gymnasium a much needed refresh to include new backboards and refinished flooring.


Greenville is a better place when the Caine Halter Family YMCA is thriving!
  • The Y has a proud legacy of making our community better by improving the quality of life for ALL through youth development, healthy living programs, and a dedication to social responsibility.
  • This fundraising initiative has the foundation needed to move our youth and adult recreational programs forward—which in turn elevates and inspires the entire YMCA community.
  • We invite you to make a leadership-level investment that will have a tremendous and enduring impact.
Donors can consider a variety of different gift options that best fit their unique needs and goals.
  • Donors are encouraged to consider pledges over a period of up to five years. In exceptional cases, the pledge period can extend beyond that time frame.
  • Donors may consider several different giving instruments, including:
    • Cash
    • Securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds)
    • IRAs or other qualified retirement plans
On behalf of the Caine Halter Family YMCA and those we serve, thank you for your support of these much-needed projects.
Gift Recognition Opportunities

Gift recognition opportunities are available for gifts of $1000 and above. Pledges of $10,000 and above are payable over a period of five years. In some cases involving six-figure (and larger) commitments, pledge payments may extend beyond five years.

We would be pleased to discuss additional recognition opportunities of interest to donors.

Recognition Opportunities Available

  • Youth Field Complex: $1,000,000
  • Individual Youth Sports Field: $100,000
  • Individual Youth Sports Field: $100,000
  • Individual Youth Sports Field: $100,000
  • Individual Youth Sports Field: $100,000
  • Tennis Court: $100,000
  • Tennis Court: $100,000
  • Field Lights: $50,000
  • Gymnasium: $1,000,000
  • Basketball Court: $100,000
  • Basketball Court: $100,000
  • Outdoor Aquatics Complex: $1,000,000
  • Picnic Area at Aquatics Complex: $50,000
  • Splash Pad at Aquatics Complex: $50,000
  • Multi-Sports Complex: $1,000,000
  • Pickleball Court: $50,000
  • Pickleball Court: $50,000
  • Pickleball Court: $50,000
  • Pickleball Court: $50,000
  • Pickleball Court: $50,000
  • Pavilion: $500,000
  • Outdoor Track: $250,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Section of Track: $25,000
  • Individual Pool Lane at Aquatics Complex: $25,000
  • Individual Pool Lane at Aquatics Complex: $25,000
  • Individual Pool Lane at Aquatics Complex: $25,000
  • Individual Pool Lane at Aquatics Complex: $25,000
  • Individual Pool Lane at Aquatics Complex: $25,000
  • Individual Pool Lane at Aquatics Complex: $25,000
  • Recognition plaque in Pavilion: $1,000 and up
Investors to the Campaign

Founders $100,000+

  • Dorothy and Steve Dowe in celebration of Rupert Huse 
  • Nancy and Paul Goldsmith
  • The Halter Family
  • Don and Rhonda Jackson
  • Ellis M. Johnston II*
  • M. Ellis Pearce 
  • Rick and Nancy Pennell
  • Joe* and Caroline Ryan
  • Brice and Amanda Smith
  • John and Sandy Thompson
  • Weekes Construction, Inc.

Champions $50,000-99,999

  • Jane Davenport and Jim Musselwhite
  • The Gallivan Family
  • The Hughes Agency
  • The Satterfield Family
  • The Bill and Connie Timmons Foundation
  • Doyle Yates

Benefactors $25,000-49,999

  • Tim and Lauren Briles
  • Paul and Jeanna Chambers
  • Mark and Rachel Cooter
  • Stephen Edgerton
  • Elevation Church
  • Emily and Steve Getz
  • Allen and Nikki Grumbine
  • Tee and Sherry Hooper
  • George E. McCall
  • Bob and Christie Nachman
  • Ashley and Tom Reynolds
  • Nick and Laura Sardone
  • Ted and Natalie Stewart
  • Robert and Jill Sullivan

Builders $10,000-24,999

  • Carmen and Patrick Bishop
  • Brown Brothers Harriman
  • Ray and Suzy Foral
  • Bill and Beth Fuller
  • The Harward Family
  • Garrett Jenkins
  • Lois and Tommy McAfee
  • The Charles Timmons Foundation

Sustainers $5,000-9,999

  • Boyd and Lisa Anderson
  • Andrew and Meredith Coln
  • Richard and Nancy Furman
  • Will and Sarah Lucas
  • Russ and Kyley Miller
  • Joe and Emily Patrick
  • Patrick and Annette* Sullivan

Patrons $2,500-4,999

  • Judy Cromwell

Supporters $1,000-2,499

  • Tracy Churdar 
  • Brian Connaughton
  • Reid Hipp
  • Jeff and Michelle Johnson
  • Ike Poplin

Friends $1-999

  • Kristen Ashley
  • Dixie Beckwith
  • Jeanne Bouton
  • Charnley DeMeritt
  • Robert Dipesa
  • Dan Eades
  • Jason Foster
  • Frank Geiger
  • Mel Grant
  • Taylor Howell
  • Tod Hyche
  • Thomas Ledbetter
  • Dave Madan
  • Chris Martin
  • Laura McDonald
  • Debra Rhiness
  • Jan Schulman
  • Beth and Chuck Simmons
  • Mickey Smith
  • Lewis Smoak
  • Tammy Smy
  • RJ Snyder
  • Patrick Walsh
  • Nelson Weston
  • Chuck Withington
For questions, contact Jacki Berkshire, Development Director at or 864-535-5117.


Building a Brighter Tomorrow Steering Committee
  • Betty Farr, Honorary Chairwoman
  • Don Jackson, co-chairman
  • Brice Smith, co-chairman
  • Bob Nachman
  • Rick Pennell
  • Laura Halter Sardone
  • Rick Schroder
  • Natalie Stewart
  • Brian Vest, District Executive Director
  • Jamie Johnson, Director of Operations
  • Corey McDowell, Director of Membership and Wellness
  • Jacki Berkshire, Development Director