At the Y, we believe people of all ability levels should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. To support individuals with diverse abilities in their search for employment, the YMCA of Greenville is proud to introduce our job coaching program. This unique, specially designed program encourages participants to build job skills through volunteerism, with the aid of a job coach. Once an individual is prepared for work, the coach will assist with job preparation including resume development, practicing interview skills, and establishing employer contacts. After securing a job opportunity, participants will receive on-the-job training and support, as well as feedback from the employer to increase the likelihood of job retention. 



Description: Job coach will conduct an intake interview with the participant and family to determine job interests. The job coach will also provide an assessment to determine applicants’ skill set.
Cost: $25

Description: The participant will volunteer at the YMCA or another community organization to practice job skills and soft skills such as work quality and productivity, attendance/punctuality, job safety, professional appearance, and relationships/teamwork. The job coach will be present to support the participant as they complete tasks and gradually build independence until the participant is comfortable working on their own. Most participants will average 10 sessions.
Cost: $40 per session

Description: The job coach will assist the participant in creating a resume that highlights their strengths and volunteer experience. Interview preparation will be taught and practiced. The job coach will reach out to potential employers to identify job leads in the community based on the participant’s preferred type of work, and general job location. Once a strong job lead is established, the job coach will walk through the application and interview process alongside the participant. Most participants will average 3-4 sessions.
Cost: $40 per session

Description: Once the participant has been offered a position, the job coach will be present to assist them in adjusting to their new work tasks and the new environment. Self-advocacy skills will be reinforced, and the job coach may assist the employer with identifying reasonable accommodations if needed. Similar to the volunteering experience, the job coach will slowly decrease the level of support as the participant's comfort level increases. Once a participant establishes employment, the job coach will check in with the participant and employer periodically over a 6-week period to help address any concerns and increase the likelihood of job retention.
Cost: $200


Complete the job coaching application form below. Once the form is complete, return to Mike Laney, RECESS Job Coach, at: mlaney@ymcagreenville.org. Once your application is received, the job coach will contact you with further information.


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