Honoring Our Past. Shaping Our Future.

In 2022, the YMCA of Greenville’s Metro Board of Directors voted to create the Christian Mission Committee to have a more intentional approach in honoring and preserving the Y’s founding Christian principles that we put into practice each day. We believe it has been at the heart of our success as an enduring family organization because of the genuine love and acceptance we give to each person who walks through our doors or who we reach in our community.

The committee is led by long-standing, dedicated YMCA of Greenville volunteers:

  • Brian Hamby, Chairman
  • Brad Hughes
  • Brad Lucas
  • Mario Brown
  • Melanie Sudduth

Since its inception, the Christian Mission Committee has established:

  • Confidential prayer request stations at all branches that committee members pray for weekly.
  • November as the “official” YMCA Heritage month, spotlighting members, donors and friends of the Y who have significantly supported our organization, advancing our Christian mission in unique and lasting ways.
  • A newsletter, and a dedicated section on ymcagreenville.org to build a library of ongoing content.


Celebrating the Spirit of Service

YMCA Legacy logo

Like most meaningful things, the YMCA of Greenville wasn’t built by one person or group in a short period of time. Instead, it has taken many souls coming together, giving of their resources, their expertise, and their time over many years to help the Y grow into one of the leading health and human services agencies in the Upstate.

In the season where we give thanks and reflect on our blessings, the YMCA of Greenville is kicking off Spirit of Service, a multi-year campaign that honors the people who, through their sense of Christian service, have made significant impact on the Y and how we serve our community.

“Since 1844, the YMCA has served individuals and families across the globe by following the example of Christ--building healthy spirits, minds and bodies for all,” said Scot Baddley, President & CEO, YMCA of Greenville. “Spirit of Service is one way to honor those who embody these principles right here in Greenville County.”

In the months leading up to the YMCA of Greenville’s 150th anniversary in 2026, we will highlight individuals who embodies this Spirit of Service.